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Seize the moment.

Gil Cohen had been an event and night-life photographer for almost a decade.

With a camera in hand, a smile on the lips and bucket loads of passion and love for the profession, Gil had photographed thousands of happy moments, memories and happy occasions.
With plentiful experience, patience and creativity, after documenting hundreds of events, productions and public relations photo shoots - Gil is inviting you to indulge in his plentiful portfolio, and contact him regarding anything - any time.

Gil Cohen had helped revolutionize Tel-Aviv's nightlife, by being repeatedly haired to document events at nightclubs, which have since become legendary (ex. Clara). Places like these, had redefined Tel-Aviv's party-goers patterns, and will be remembered for generations to come.

In additions, Gil had been playing a crucial role in many public relations productions for leading brands. Amongst said brands are Corona, Alpha-Romeo, Fiat and additional large scale clients such as the United States embassy in Israel. Such projects demonstrate the ability to deliver great service on a large scale.

As far as your life changing events are concerned, over many years of experience, Gil had learned that each is unique and its documentation is a delicate task, of utmost importance.

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